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Hey, I’m ratzeputz and a computer scientists from germany in the early 30s.

Interests and Skills

  • Java, Clojure, Rust, Coq, Shell and I dipped many more languages
  • Task automation, administration, linked data, typetheory and formal languages
  • Solving problems and puzzles
  • Pen & Paper, computer games, science fiction books, metal music
  • do-it-yourself attitude

Working full-stack and beyond.

Thoughts about this blog

The intention is to keep myself organized and get a grisp of writing things down instead of keeping my head full of informations. So, most posts are mostly about stuff with emacs, adminsitration, small and larger side-projects and other stuff I came along my way to the universe.

I'm not a native english speaker, so feel free to correct me.

Here you find some articles or blogs I enjoy reading or found interesting.

  • On Side Projects: A short but great post on how to finish you side projects.
  • Paul Graham: His essays are joyfull to read.
  • Fefe: A german blog about computer science and politics and many more stuff.
  • lambda the ultimate: A weblog about programming languages.